Why is MATS a transitional shelter?

A transitional shelter is a place where you can live safely and comfortably until you are ready for a more permanent home. At Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter the nitial approval is for 3 months. Guests usually stay about 9 months (on average). We are not an emergency shelter. To stay at MATS, you must apply for an apartment and agree to certain rules. While at MATS, you will be helped to find more permanent housing.

How Can You Apply to MATS?

You can apply to live in MATS housing by:

  • Calling directly at 603-924-5033
  • Emailing info@matsnh.org
  • Asking your town’s Welfare Officer to contact us

Where is the MATS Shelter?

We have 4 fully furnished apartments for families and individuals in a safe location in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire. We do not share the location of the shelter with anyone except guests.

What Does it Cost to Stay at MATS?

Because we pay the mortgage, heat, basic phone and electricity, we consider people our guests while they live in the shelter; they pay only for their food and cell phone. With the support of the case manager and mentors from our Board, our guests are given assistance with employment, housing, transportation, childcare, benefits, education and other issues and connect with agencies and community resources where they may find help. Their main goal during their stay at MATS is to be able to afford and move into their own apartment.

What if I Can’t Reach MATS?

Phone calls and emails will be responded to promptly, please leave a message. Calls received over the weekend may not be addressed until the following Monday.

If you are unable to reach MATS, please visit our resources page or contact the NH Homeless Hotline to find out about other shelters statewide:
Call 211 or 1-866-444-4211

For EMERGENCY SHELTER call 211 or 800-444-4211.
MATS is NOT an emergency shelter.