Introducing the Steven Fund for Kids

Steven Pearson
Steven at the Learning Center in Thailand which he volunteeredfor and supported

Supporting extracurricular activities for children and families

WHY you ask… this fund will serve on many levels from practical purposes to developing healthy social and emotional skills.
It is MATS intention to create healthy conditions for our children – a condition of well-being and thriving that they will carry into their lives after they leave MATS.

Steven Scott Pearson wanted to be remembered for making a difference in the world, which he did on many levels. We have established this fund in his memory to continue his work in making a difference in the lives of children.

At first glance you might think that a season pass for the pool or summer camp is a frivolous thing.

But if you stop to consider how much of a difference that simple thing can make, you might change your mind. We have had families stay with us with school-aged children who have never been to a pool, or to camp. Some of our guests have always been resource poor, and just don’t have the money for what others consider a simple thing. The joy of those children enjoying activities just like all the other kids isn’t something you can put a price on.

Donate To Support At-Risk Kids and Their Activities Today

When you donate to help the children who stay with us, you are lifting a burden from a local family. You are setting them up for success!

Make a monetary donation.

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Sample List of Activities

General Recreational Camp: “Peterborough Summer Playground Program”
$558 for 8 weeks 8:30-4:30 M-F (does not include weekly field trips)
$51 per week early drop off and late pick up (necessary for working parents)
Specialty Camps: overnight, robotic, soccer, dance, tennis swim, School Break camps

Field trips: cost not included in day camp fees (from $8 to $25) or not paid for by the school (ie. Washington DC trip)

Passes: pool, ski, bowling, movie, etc…

After School Clubs & Rec activities: karate, gymnastics, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, dance, swimming, skiing, scouts, art, baseball, softball etc…

Items needed for the Activities

Summer camps: bathing suit, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, lunch box, swimming aids, water bottles, special snacks, etc…

After School Clubs and Activities: cleats, baseball glove, ballet slippers, leotards, mouth guard, specific practice clothing, water bottles etc…

Outfitting a dancer/gymnast: average cost of classes $60 per month
leotard & tights $14
ballet shoes $10

Outfitting a baseball/softball player: summer baseball $35-$50 spring softball $63
baseball/softball glove $25
cleats and H20 bottle $40

Outfitting a Swimmer: swim lessons per session $48
swimming suit and towel $25
goggles and swim cap $17

Average cost for 1 child-2 seasonal activities: $202 X 15 kids = $3,030

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