About Homelessness

“A majority of homeless people counted during the Point-In-Time Count were in emergency shelters or transitional housing shelters, but over one in five were unsheltered, living in cars, abandoned buildings, tents, or other places not intended for human habitation….These individuals experience extreme hardship, and are often most susceptible to illness, drug abuse and violence.”

– NH Coalition on Homelessness

Homelessness in New Hampshire

Many of our Monadnock area neighbors live one paycheck away from homelessness. They never expect to lose their homes. But accumulating hardships force them into homelessness, and they soon exhaust their network of family and friends. They move from couch to couch. Entire families live in cars, campgrounds, or in the woods. MATS provides the help many families and friends would like to provide if they could afford to.

Did You Know That:

42% of the overall homeless population in New Hampshire consists of families with children.

Veterans comprise 8% of New Hampshire’s homeless population.

The median rent for a two bedroom apartment in Hillsborough county is $1,347 per month

Around 3,993 school children are identified as being homeless. This does not include toddlers and pre-schoolers, those who don’t go to school because of moving frequently or those who have not been identified.

Today, most people in America live one paycheck away from homelessness.

Homelessness HandoutWant to be an advocate? We have a one page handout with some stats on homelessness in New Hampshire that you might find useful.


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