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The Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter’s mission is to provide transitional housing, support and referral services to people who are homeless; to educate our community on issues of homelessness; and to advocate for possible solutions.

MATS Annual Community Report 2019

May 2020

As unsettling as the past few months have been for everyone, most of us have a secure home in which to shelter with our families. In fact, the very idea of “home” has become a potent symbol of security as we practice social distancing, work from home, and home-school our children. But in our community, not everyone has a home, and the now-urgent problem of homelessness remains persistent in the Monadnock Region.

For the past 30 years, the Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter has provided hundreds of families with a safe and secure place to call home. Because of ongoing community support, we have been able to help families access housing services and transition into permanent and independent living situations. Our Program Manager provides our guests with connections to resources such as job training, child care, and counseling so that when they leave MATS, they have the day-to-day skills and support they need to avoid recurring homelessness.

While assisting individuals and families in our region, over the past year MATS has continued to strengthen its mission and outreach as follows:

  • We served eight families at our apartment house: 26 people – 9 adults and 17 children from infants to teenagers.
  • We received 265 inquiries from individuals and families looking for housing or housing resources. These included town welfare agencies, family members, therapists, counselors, school social workers, drug and alcohol programs, hospitals and others. We received 43 applications for housing.
  • Families served were from the following 5 towns: Peterborough, Antrim, Gilford, Greenfield and Wilton.
  • Our Program Manager met with previous guests and families to help stabilize their housing situations, with the primary goal of preventing recurring homelessness.
  • Our Program Manager also had 130 calls and contacts with people at The River Center, where she provides weekly housing-related counsel. These services include assistance with completing Section 8 and affordable housing applications — and supporting tenants in accessing resources related to financial management and rental issues.
  • The MATS information and outreach news column, written by former board member Hope Pettegrew, appears monthly in the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript.
  • We sponsored the first annual Trivia Night fundraiser at the Shattuck Golf Club.
  • MATS sponsored the annual Candlelight Vigil on December 21 in conjunction with National Homeless Memorial Day to remember the people who died in New Hampshire due to homelessness and related hardship.
  • We raised operating funds through a fundraising campaign and received $50,190 in individual gifts
  • We received grants from the Agnes Lindsay Trust, the Walmart Foundation, Bar Harbor Bank and Trust, the Cogswell Benevolent Trust, the Cochran & Klug Family Trust, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the Houston Family Charitable Fund, the Dobles Foundation, the Phyllis and Jim Rogers Donor Advised Fund, the Elsie P. van Buren Foundation, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation and C&S Wholesale Grocers for a total of $53,050.
  • Through the generosity of our community at large, which included donations from churches, agencies, families and individuals, we helped our guests have a bountiful Christmas.

Highlights of Fiscal 2019

Total Income: $143,087.00.
Total Operating Expenses: $113,470.00

MATS Donors – Gifts acknowledged for January 2019 through December 2019

STARS & BEYOND $10,000+

NH Charitable Foundation • Cogswell Benevolent Trust

RAISING THE ROOF $2,000 TO $9,999

Dobles Foundation • The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust • Elsie Procter van Buren Foundation • Anonymous • People’s Community Foundation • Houston Family Charitable Trust • The Serendipity Shop of All Saints Parish

FAMILY ROOM $1,000 TO $1,999

Kiwanis Club of Peterborough • Merrill Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. • The Hancock Womans Club • Network for Good • Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Sage • C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. • Ms. Susan Chollet • Mary Day Mordecai and Ned Hulbert • Robert and Paula Fox • Anonymous • Pamela and Robert Manninen • Nicholas and Madelyn Morris • Phyllis and Jim Rogers Donor Advised Fund • REED International, INC

FRONT ROOM $500 TO $999

Mary Loftis and Paul Tuller • In Memory of Ursula Willis • United Methodist Women • John Newman and Margaret Walsh • The Gilbert Verney Foundation • In honor of Julie Flood Page • Steven W. Crowe Foundation • Philip Russell Bastedo • Laura Gingras and Dave Fish • Eleanor Briggs • Jim and Sue Callihan • Anne Doucet • Board of Outreach Dublin Community Church • Dr. Richard and Mrs. Jean Frechette • Susie Hunter • Karen Clement and Richard Jordan • Judy Casey Inc. • Charles H. and Marcia Krause • Peterborough Lions Club • Dorothy D. Peterson • Janet Udall Schaefer Trust • Anonymous • Walmart

WELCOME MAT $100 TO $499

Andrew and Kathleene Card • Mr. & Mrs. John M. Lord, Jr. • Carl and Linda Blicker • Daniel and Moira Burnham • Kitty Cloud • Colleen Duffy • Dr. Gregory and Kristina Kriebel • David A. Macy • Peterborough Senior Bridge Group • Benjamin Wood • Matthew & Monique Belletete • Peterborough Unitarian Universalist Church • Bev and Ben Bacon • Sharon Smith • Charles F. Christ • Peter Johnson and Carol Hamilton • K.A. Electric, Inc. • Alan Peschke • Roger Reville • Nancy B.Roberts • Gregory and Christine Robidoux • Lewis and Eve Stone • Anne D. Twitchell • Union Congregational Church • Linda N Walsh • Jeffrey and Susan Howard • Sarah Dengler and Mark Beal • Cochran & Klug Family Fund • Bradley Davis • Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hunter Doherty • Mark and Beth Fernald • Cyrus and Joyce Gregg • Robbie and Paul Hertneky • Charlton and Diana MacVeagh • Julie Barker Middleton • In memory of Nancy Perkins • Mrs. Joseph Petrone• Leonard and Phyllis Tichy • Dorothy Verney • Weidner Services LLC • Lisa and George Foote • Denise Frankoff and Kenneth Levin • Ronald and Jane Bowman • Bruce Hill • David and Louisa Birch • Don and Patricia Briggs • Bonnie Draper • Nicholas Duffy • Nancy Faulkner • Stephen and Tricia Froling • Kevin Kearns • John Kerrick • David M. Lang • Scott McGovern and Peggy Brown • Virginia Lee Miller • Karen Savini • Wilder Plumbing & Heating, Inc. • Cooper’s Hill Public House • Jack and Lynn Phillips Ellerkamp • Bernd and Katherine Foecking • Marshal Lombard • Cecily Bastedo • Ernest and Paula Belletete • Amy and Matthew Cabana • Emmanuel Church • Grove Street Fiduciary, Inc. • Henry H. Hammond • Andrew and Emily Manns • Laurance P Runyon III • In honor of Julie Flood Page • Vanisa Y. Simila • James and Lynn Thibodeau • Dick and Wendy Dunning • Jack and Mary Liz Lewis • Sharon Monahan • The Staff at the MacDowell Colony • Raymond and Susan LeClair • Edward and Claire Juengst • Mary J. Connolly • The Zimmer Family • Mollie Amies • Jeannette & Lee Baker • Laura Bedard • DeAnna and Fred Beetcher • Belletetes, Inc. • Ruth L. Benedict • Rheo Bouchard • Eric and Rachael Bowman • Robert Boyd • Regina Bringolf • Virginia Brooks and S Philip Brooks • Don and Cyndy Burgess • Clint & Maureen Burgess • Catherine Carleton • Michael Cass • Brenda and Lawrence Cassidy • Dennis and Ruth Cilley • David and Barbara Clinkenbeard • Jim and Susan Colegrove • Caryl and Vinnie Procita • Raymond and Beth Cote • Gerald and Karen DeBonis • Paul and Jennifer Dell • Marsha Dixon • Bonnie Drummond • Rod and Ann Falby • Joanne Field • Joseph and JoAnn Fletcher • James and Elizabeth Fredrickson • Ira and Carol Garber • Carol and Stephen Gehlbach • Toni Gildone and Sam Greene • Rory Goff • Rick and Patti Hance • Baxter and Bonnie Harris • Joe and Lin Hart • Mark and Karen M. Hatcher • B.P. and D.M. Henderson • Gary and Judy Hertzler • David Blair • Patricia G. Hoffman • Kevin Holfelner and Mary Carol Seebart • Infinity Scarves by Ruth • Ann-Marie and David Irwin • Emma Johnson • Robin Kenney • John Kieley • Don Klug • Ben Kriebel • Gary and Bonnie Lambert • Patricia Lange • Don and Mary Francis Lawler • Silas Little • Brian London • Paul and Colette Lucas • Kelly Lydon • Bob and Leandra MacDonald • Norman and Judith Makechnie • David and Louise Malcolm • Howard Mansfield and Sy Montgomery • Dr. William and Lauren Martin • Clark and Esther Miller • Michael and Gloria Morison • Colin Mudough • Beth and Chip Nee • David and Margaret Nelson • John and Tina Neppl • Norway Hill Independent Services, LLC • Veda O’Neill • Ashley Parker • Richard Pendleton and Sage Wheeler • David and Dorothy Penny • Lynn Phillips • Ralph F. Phipps • Phyllis E Porter • Terri Ratcliffe • Rindge Police Police Association, Inc. • Phil and Cathie Runyon • Phyllis Scott • Rick and Jody Simpson • C.J. and Erika Sullivan • The First Chuch in Jaffrey • Tierger Realty Co. Inc. • Richard and Josephine Warner • Peter and Karin Wells • Robert and Doris Whitegiver • Rosalys B. Wilson • Yankee Publishing Incorporated


Sean and Lee Ann Clark Moore • Bill Chatfield and Yvonne Gifford • Ian Ramey • Elizabeth L. Charlton • Haley’s Service Center, LLC • Ronald Lanoue • Scott & Elizabeth Tyle • Melissa French • Friends at Peterborough Unitarian Universalist Church • Ted and Beverly Leach • James & Leah Smith • Conval Student Council • The Caracappa Family • Sarah Ellis • Hannaford Supermarket and Pharmacy • Carol Bader • Karen Bannister • R.A. and Bonnie Benoit • Phillip & Jane Blanchard • C. David Buren • Tricia Burt Masterson and Eric A. Masterson • June Chandler • Dennis and Nancy Claire • Tim and Mary L. Clark • Jonathan and Stephanie Dalton • Shirley Despres • Despres and Associates • James and Judith Draper • David Duffy • David Elliott • Pamela Erdmann • Thomas and Christie Ferenc • Mr. & Mrs. John Forsyth • Susan Goldstein • William Harris • Peter and Ann Harrison • John & Deborah-Porter Hayes • Kathryn Ingle • Lawrence and Eunice Jadlocki • John and Joan Kaufhold • Matthew and Karen Keenan • James Kelly • Mary M. Lindstrom • Lester Lowe • Kimberly MacKay • Bill and Stephanie Brock • Nancy Massey • Eric Masterson • Heather McKernan • Linn Perkins • Anonymous • Dr. Charles J. Seigel • Diana Shonk • Karen Spector • Sarah Steinberg Heller • Lisa and David Stone • Ann and Nancy Taylor • James and Laura Trowbridge • Shirley J. Wamser • Patricia Wheeler • Ruth and John Wilson • Anonymous • Greg and Mary Jean Connolly • Jars in Stores • Allison Randall • Danielle Wilder • Natalie Cass • Martha Dahl • Brian and Kathleen Manfre • Denise Bieniek • Ann Hayashi and John Matthias • Priscilla W. Ingalls • Jane and Todd Preston • John Streit • Danis Collett • Mimi Atwood • Nancy Cail • Ken and Diane Callahan • Nancy C. Clarke • Barbara Coffin • Eleanor Cogswell • Douglas and Susan Copley • Anthony and Jo-Ellen Dambrosio • Daryl and Robert Diamond-Kumph • David and Joy Flemming • Joy Flemming • Shirley Franchi • Elizabeth & Michael Gordon • William and Sally Graf • Lillian Grant • Mary Carol Grip • Robert & Laura Hanson • Sally Hoover • Janet P. Hrasky • Kevin and Sandra King • Beth Krommes and Dave Rowell • Richard LeFebvre • Stephanie Loiselle • Stephanie Louiselle • Mary Elizabeth McClellan • Kully Mindemann • Dennis and Sharron Monaghan • William Owen • Bob and Hope Pettegrew • Janet G. Reilly • Patricia Russell • Richard and Holly Sanders • Elizabeth Sandman • Lisa B. Shapiro • Andrew Shier • J.K. Sieswerda and A.K. Jenkins • Richard Stein • Annagreta and Glen Swanson • Elizabeth Thomas • Jane and Mark Wisan • John D. and Carol K. Wyndham • Kate Coon • Danielle Anderson • Sharon Bailly • Gwyn Baldwin • Deborah M. Delworth • Stan and Cheryl Fry • Linda and Zav Giragosian • Tom and Linda Greenwood • Vicki Loughery • William McDonnell • Rev. and Mrs. Daniel Osgood • James and Faye Sargent • Michael Shubelka • Maribeth Buchanan and Diane Champagne • Dianne Daniels • Pamela McMahon • Karen Johnson • Anonymous • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Condon • Carole Connor • Martha Duffy • Mrs. Ann Fitzgerald • Robin Follett Vizzacco • Barbara Gilbert • Mary Jo Marvin • Daniel Millbauer and Sarah Pope • Lisa Murray • Deborah Rodenhiser • Sam Zachos • Vanessa Amsbury-Bonilla • Michaela Balcombe • Stephanie Dedovitch • Linda Keenan • Lizzy Kenney • Lisa MacPhee • Nancy O’Brien • Charles Rupp • Jordan Volikas

MATS is very grateful for your philanthropic support! We receive no State or Federal assistance and are completely funded by generous contributors like you and others who allow us to continue to provide housing and guidance to those in need. Thank you for making possible our work with families in transition from homelessness to home.

Inspired to Donate? Please visit our website to learn more and make a monetary donation online at Donations may also be mailed to MATS, P.O. Box 5033, Peterborough, NH 03458.
To donate household items, please call 603-924-5033.

And . . . also consider subscribing to our monthly email newsletter, which includes news, events, Hope Pettegrew’s monthly column and acknowledgement of the many community organizations that help us achieve our goals.

2019 MATS Trustees: Peter Harrison, President; Mary Loftis, Vice President; Jane Bowman, Treasurer; Denise Frankoff, Secretary; Ernest Belletete, Julie Flood Page, Melissa French, Toni Gildone, Bob Marrone, Lisa Rogers, Lee Ann Moore and Bruce Simpson.

To Request Shelter: Call the MATS office at 603-924-5033; email or contact your town’s welfare officer.
For emergency shelter, dial 211.

MATS is a 501(c)3 organization and all gifts are tax deductible.

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Annual Report

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