MATS Can Help

MATS Can Help

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To inquire about transitional shelter space at MATS, call the office at (603)924-5033 or email us

You may also contact your local welfare officer who will help connect you to services.

If you are in need of emergency shelter, contact the NH Homeless Hotline by calling 211 or 1-866-444-4211. You may also go to the website

For EMERGENCY SHELTER call 211 or 800-444-4211.
MATS is NOT an emergency shelter.


A Stable, Temporary Home

Individuals, couples, and families can find a haven in one of six apartments within our two bulidings. The actual location of the houses is protected for the privacy of our guests. We cover rent and utilities in the 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. All of our units are furnished through generous contributions, and the shelter is operated and run by volunteers.

A Start Towards Self-Sufficiency

Our goal is to help our guests return to self- sufficiency in a home of their own. The average length of stay in the shelter varies from year to year, but most guests stay for seven to nine months. During that time, our Program Manager provides a wide range of counseling and support to our guests – education, life-skills, access to transportation, social services, affordable housing, and medical care.

Many of our former guests now live in their own homes, hold jobs, and have moved on with their lives. They frequently write or call MATS, expressing their gratitude toward our many volunteers and supporters who helped give them another chance.

A mid-career woman was left without housing when her long-term relationship ended. She came to MATS for only three months. The safety and security allowed her to keep her job and get back on her feet financially. She wrote: “I feared being without a home for a long time, and MATS made it possible for me to re-group during the first financial crisis I’ve ever had. I am forever grateful for the haven I had in Peterborough.”