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Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter offers shelter for people experiencing homelessness in the Monadnock region, as they work towards a life of self-sufficiency.

Many people fall into homelessness, usually due to some unforeseen financial challenge, such as a death in the family, a lost job, or an unexpected bill.

When every dollar of each paycheck is budgeted for bills, there is no room for car repairs. A vehicle issue can be a catastrophe. Not having a running vehicle presents major hurdles to people in our rural area.

When you donate your vehicle to a family in crisis, you make a real change in their lives. You help to ensure they remain stable as they move on from the MATS program, and you receive a tax deduction.

Having a dependable vehicle empowers our residents. It reduces their dependence on public assistance, as well as allowing them to improve their life skills, and secure permanent housing.

Recipients of a reliable vehicle report they:

  • Feel less of a burden on family and friends
  • Are able to remain independent
  • Don’t hesitate to make necessary medical or social services appointments
  • Eat healthier meals
  • Feel less anxious

When you donate an asset such as a reliable vehicle, you are lifting that burden from a local family. You are setting them up for success!

To donate a vehicle please contact MATS at 603-924-5033 or info@matsnh.org.

Or you may make a monetary donation.

*Donate with the PayPal cart – you don’t have to have PayPal account!

The Hope Fund

Introduced at the 25th Anniversary Dinner, the Hope Fund has been named in honor of Hope Pettegrew, a long time volunteer for MATS and champion for the homeless. This fund has been established to help our residents become and remain independent with reliable transportation. You can donate money to the fund, or donate your car.

Hope Pettegrew pictured with Ernie Belletete at the 25th Anniversary Dinner, November 11, 2016, where Hope received recognition for her many years of service.  Photo by Isaac Bacon.

The Hope Fund