NH Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day 2018 – The Names

They have released the names of the 64 people who were homeless and passed in the last year.
Please join us for the Vigil Friday at 5 pm at the Peterborough Town House to honor these people.

NH Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day 2018



Ben Castro, age 77

Ben S. age 33. He had a huge love of the outdoors where he enjoyed fishing and camping. He also enjoyed spending time with his many cousins and his friends. Family gatherings were also a special part of his life. Ben could always be found with a huge smile on his face and a warmth in his heart that he shared with many. He left behind a son.

Bill Walker

Billy O’Brien, 36 years old. Billy was employed for many years as a painter. He was a fun loving, generous man who had a passion for singing and dancing, which earned him the nickname “Happy Feet”. He also loved motorcycles. His greatest enjoyment came from time spent with his loving family, especially his adoring daughters. His daughters were his world and he treasured his time with them, whether it was practicing sports or just having fun.

Bonnie Brown

Bryan Batchelder, age 48. He had been waiting for rehab, for a bed to open, and he passed away while waiting.


Derek Marois, 47 years old. “He lost his battle with addiction on May 23, 2018. Derek was born in Nashua. His natural sweetness gave birth to his mother’s nickname for him, ‘Love-Love.’ His humor was legendary, giving rise to a continuous storm of entertainment. When he walked into a room it expanded. In his company he had this unique capability of making you feel that you were the center of the universe. Derek was a lifelong Nashua resident and educated in the Nashua school system. He was a walking warrior for recovery in his last 2 years of life. He became a part of the Revive Recovery community, talked with politicians about the epidemic, and had a goal of becoming a certified CCAR recovery coach. He spent his life in pursuit of sobriety and finding forgiveness within himself for having disappointed his loved ones. He danced the fragile crossroads between life and death and has now been called to merge into the love and lightness of being.”


Duane N. age 56. He loved to peruse thrift and pawn shops for treasures. He bargained until the price was one he thought he could afford. Once the purchase was complete he would then gift the item to the person he was reminded of when he first saw it. Duane had cancer and liver disease, and, although he was wasting away and chasing his demons at the end, he was always willing to help a friend or stranger in need.


George Ottis

Jacob Keck, 37 years old. Raised in Portsmouth, he loved to tell stories of the many friends and family that he grew up with in ‘The Village’. He was a talented and creative cook and artist. He loved camping with his family in the White Mountains, fishing with his friends and had a true passion for music. He loved to make people laugh and would light up any room he was in. Jake loved unconditionally with all his heart and will be sorely missed by many.

Jasen Tomsick, age 49. He was a father of three, working on recovery. He passed away suddenly on July 5. He was loved and will be missed.

Jeff A. age 50. He passed quietly in his sleep on April 6, 2018. He grew up on the family strawberry farm and, as a child, could often be found running barefoot through the sprinklers. He was a painter, landscaper and had a passion for mining crystals up and down the East Coast. He was a caregiver and healer — a very gentle soul, who would literally give someone the shirt off his back. He loved everyone, especially his family. He loved to be in the woods calling owls, which gained him the name Owl Whisperer. He loved the Grateful Dead and playing jokes on people. He left behind a daughter.

Jenifer, a motivated individual who inspired others with her story.

Jeremy P. age 30. His creativity, compassion and a warm sense of humor were some of his most admirable qualities. His creativity was shown through his art, both on paper and in rhyme. Jeremy loved to write lyrics and rhymes, which had a hip-hop flair. His compassion was shown through his devotion to his family. He loved to be a part of family gatherings, especially when he had an opportunity to spend time with his nieces and nephews, who lovingly called him “Mr. Melon Head”. He loved to make other people smile and shared his sense of humor with those around him. Jeremy left behind four children.

Joe Jones, 65 years old.
Jose Wermers, age 28. He died peacefully on March 29, after a long battle with cancer. Jose was born in Manchester and was adopted at a young age. He was a 2008 graduate of Pembroke Academy. Jose will be remembered for being a positive, gentle soul. Anyone who knew him would say he is the human version of sunshine and could make anyone smile, even if they were down. His heart was huge and to know Jose was to love him. He enjoyed cars and he had a special affection for science, music, movies and the ocean. Jose taught those around him many life lessons about forgiveness, happiness and acceptance. He connected people in many ways and was the best friend anyone could ask for. He will be truly missed.


Justin R. age 32. He enjoyed being in the woods, sitting by the water, painting, carpentry and camping with his friends. Justin also liked to work on cars. He was an avid fan of car racing. He is remembered as a quiet guy, but whenever help was needed he was one of the first to jump up and assist.


Kimberly Leary, 46 years old.

Lee Davis, age 60. He was a father and a great mechanic. He had a job, and he camped outside for years in the Concord area.


Lucinda Rideout, she died two weeks before she would have turned 50.

Michael Smokler
Michelle Osterman

Peter P. age 57. He could be seen riding his bicycle around town wearing a bright red bandana on his head. He took care of other people before himself, often to his own detriment. When he was housed, he would allow other people experiencing homelessness to stay with him, causing him to lose his apartment. Pete was quite the fisherman and loved the outdoors.


Richard Beacom, a ‘Housing First’ participant. He was born on Christmas Day in 1956.

Ricky Michaud, 48 years old. For many years, he worked as a carpenter. In his free time, Ricky enjoyed attending concerts, listening to music, boating, snowmobiling, and dirt biking. He loved to work with his hands and was very passionate about his work. Above all, his most cherished time was spent with his loving family. He is survived by his mother, his daughter and son, and a grandchild.


Samantha Oakes, ended her battle with mental illness on May 16. She was 18 years old. An aspiring makeup artist and animal lover, she leaves behind a devastated family including her mother and four brothers. Samee attended Keene High School, was a student of cosmetology and a member of the Gay Straight Alliance and the Free Tibet Club. She was always an advocate for the underdog.

Scott Ordway, 68 years old. He had a lifelong passion for reading, hunting, fishing, and other sports. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire, where he was also a member of the wrestling team and a state champion. Scott was known by his family and friends as a comic, a philosopher, and a fiercely independent outdoorsman who was most at home scouting the mountains and fishing the ponds and streams near the family hunting camp at Nash Bog. Scott had many friends.

Sean Cronin, 40 years old.
Steven Riel

Thomas Dufield died on February 16 at the age of 68. He had recently gotten a job and was saving for a house.

Wayne Eastman, age 70

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