Resources for Locals from the Eastern Monadnock Provider Network Meeting

Eastern Monadnock Provider Network Meetings

The River Center organizes The Eastern Monadnock Provider Network each month. It has become a source of information and awareness about the community resources in our region for our local community volunteers and agencies. You will find a food pantry volunteer from one town sitting next to a welfare director from another town. Social workers, nurses, case managers, bookkeepers all come to hear about resources available in our towns. How do we help folks apply for food stamps? What is our community doing about substance misuse, recovery, and treatment? Is there any place to send a couple for help in organizing their finances? The common denominator in this group is that everyone is helping people in our community in some way. Together, we are learning about the resources available so we can make connections needed for our neighbors.

They meet on the last Tuesday of each month Sept. thru May, no meeting in December. Anyone is welcome to join.

From the MATS Program Manager: Eviction and Housing Security

Susan Howard, Case Manager, Monadnock Area Transition Shelter (MATS)

Although landlords are not allowed to evict tenants who don’t pay their rent, tenants are still legally obligated to pay. If they stop paying rent, they will need to catch up on those payments at some point, so it is strongly advised to make partial rent payments, preferably at least 50%. If tenants are struggling to pay, they should seek additional resources to assist them with food, utilities, etc. to free up funds to pay rent. Susan also recommends that tenants keep detailed records and receipts for everything, both for income received and expenses paid. As far as she knows, the eviction order coincides with the state of emergency order, so presumably when that is lifted, landlords will be allowed to evict for non-payment.

From the Peterborough Town Library: Unemployment Filing

Mary Hubbard, Assistant Library Director, Peterborough Town Library

The Employment Security Dept. has added 200 people to the call center to manage the influx of filers for unemployment, and yet there are still wait times when calling. Mary can assist people with filing or answer questions, and has left documents in a box outside the library for those who need them. Mary’s assistance is available to everyone, regardless of their town. The Unemployment Assistance Hotline at 603-271-7700 is open M-F 8 AM- 8 PM and Sat 8-5. Best time to call is after 4:30 PM M-F to reduce wait time.

From the River Center: Taxes & Money Matters

Nisa Simila, Communications Specialist/Money Matters Coordinator, The River Center

The IRS extended the filing deadline until July 15, 2020. We are now offering “virtual” tax preparations through video conferencing or phone calls and secure file sharing. Filers need to have access to the internet through their phones, tablets, laptops, or PCs. For those who don’t have that technology, but need to file their taxes urgently, they can contact Barbara Heggie at the Low Income Tax Clinic at 603-715-3215.
The River Center is continuing to offer Money Coaching via phone calls or video conferencing. This service is more important than ever as many are living on reduced incomes and having to choose what bills to pay. Our Money Coaches can help them make wise choices and point them in the direction of resources to help fill in the gaps.

From the Grace United Way: Stimulus Payments

Cary Gladstone, Senior Director of Asset Building Strategies, Granite United Way

Most people are eligible for the stimulus. The amount received is based on income level and number in the household. Get My Payment on
For high income households, the stimulus check is reduced proportional to the amount you make above a certain income level. SSI and Veterans benefits recipients who don’t normally file, but have dependents, have until May 5 to add those dependents to their EIP so they can get the larger lump sum now rather than get the money for the dependents next year.

From Conval School District: Meals for All District Children

The free breakfast and lunch program offered through the ConVal school district will continue through the summer. To apply, visit:
The Conval Superintendent wrote in her last email update: Also available is information about our meal services for any family in our 9 towns who would like the school to deliver breakfast and lunch for any child in the household who is 0-18.

Eastern Monadnock Provider Network Meeting

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