The Welcome Mat July 2020


The Welcome Mat for July has been released.

The Welcome Mat

Newsletter of the Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter
July 2020

In This Newsletter:

Hope’s Article
Many Thanks
100+ Women Who Care Monadnock
MATS Pre-History
Passing of Lew Stone
Homelessness Prevention
Wish List


Hope PettegrewRecently, I wrote about a former guest at the Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter in Peterborough who was able to move to Keene. I spoke with her on the phone a few days ago to learn how life was developing for her and her children.
First, she had needed a washer-dryer set and will have those in a couple of weeks for which she is very grateful. This woman has a great deal on her plate and no longer having to go to a laundromat will help immensely.
As an LNA, she is currently studying to get a new degree as a Respiratory Therapist. This summer, she is taking some courses online to fulfill the necessary prerequisites of Chemistry, Psychology and an elective. It will take her a couple of years to finish this degree as well as to do the necessary lab work but she is very positive and motivated to reach this goal.
As a mother, she is concerned about her children physically attending school this fall. She was going to place them in some summer programs but felt that things are due to the virus and places opening too soon, as evidenced in other states that need to shut back down.
This young woman told me how deeply she appreciates all the help she received while at MATS, including the program that helped her get her car repaired; how much Susan Howard, the Project Manager at the shelter, assisted with her moving forward by straightening out her credit rating, by setting weekly goals to be met, by teaching her to rate her priorities. At her new location there is a program with similar guidance and weekly goal-setting — as there was at MATS which will be helpful in keeping her life on track.
The most positive thing that this woman spoke of was the pride she felt when she was able to say that all her goals were met before she left the shelter. This woman is very motivated, and I know that she will continue to achieve a better life for herself and her children. One day, she hopes to own a small house; I feel confident that she will achieve that goal too!
Thank you to the kind person who recently donated a car! It will be very helpful for the woman written about in last month’s article and it is greatly appreciated.
*Hope Pettegrew is a volunteer at the Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter in Peterborough.


Many thanks to the Hillsborough County Gleaners who gathered food from Brookdale Fruit Farm and Fresh Start Farms for our guests!

We received a generous donation from 100+ Women Who Care Monadnock, details below.

Thank you to the anonymous donors who donated their play set for our guests to use at our building!
play set
We raised $420 at Pizza Night with Orchard Hill Breadworks, and $4216 from #NHGives!


A heartfelt thanks to 100+ Women Who Care Monadnock who recently chose MATS to receive a generous donation. This donation will help fund dental care for the adults who reside at MATS. Dental care is a primary need for the adults we serve. According to the National Healthcare for Homeless Council, there is a strong connection between homelessness and poor oral health, which can lead to multiple medical problems. Preventative and restorative treatments are less expensive than emergency care and prevent conditions from becoming more complex problems. Good oral health improves a person’s ability to obtain and keep employment.
For people who are homeless, cost is the biggest barrier to obtaining dental care. In New Hampshire dental care is not a covered benefit under public health insurance and there are no dental clinics in the Monadnock area that offer free or sliding scale care. Therefore most of our residents have not seen a dentist in many years.
Thank you 100+ Women Who Care for all you do to help make our community strong.

*Thank you to Denise Frankoff for submitting this article
100 Plus Women Who Care Monadnock


In 1989 Jim Lenane was Director of Human Services for the Town of Peterborough. During his term of office, he wrote a column for the the Peterborough Transcript. In one of his columns he talked about the fact that Peterborough had homeless people. Some were passersby sleeping in the pews of the churches, others were members of the community. At the time, Gary Hauze was the reverend at the Union Congregational church in Peterborough. He reached out to Jim and suggested that they set up a committee of people from the community to address the homeless situation, so a group of community members and clergy came together to form the first organized group that eventually became MATS.
The initial group consisted of Reverend Gary Hauze of the Union Congregational Church, Reverend Lew Stone of the All Saints Church, Judy Garabrant, Scott McGovern, and Reverend Dan Osgood of Greenfield Covenant Church.

*Thank you to Lisa Rogers for submitting this article


Lew StoneLew Stone, former rector of All Saints’ Parish in Peterborough and one of the founders of MATS, passed away recently.
Learn more here:


As part of our homelessness prevention efforts our case manager worked with:

Inquiries for June is 12 people, 8 from families 4 from single people
We had 20 plus calls from people looking for resources or trying to understand resources, how to apply for things now with COVID
*The River Center is still closed so we are not currently holding office hours there


always, a reliable car
hanging metal shelf/rack for pantry items
gas cards
hygiene items
gift cards from local businesses that our guests can use when they need certain items, many of which are not covered by food stamps
If you have items to donate, please call the MATS office at (603) 924-5033 and leave a message for Susan, or leave them in the Collection Box at Steele’s. OR mail items (if you can) to MATS, PO Box 3053, Peterborough NH 03458. Thank you!


Donation box
There is a permanent box at Steele’s where people may leave wish list items for MATS. See above for items.
Thank you so much to Steele’s Stationers for hosting our box!


Once again, 100% of our guests who completed the MATS program in 2019 have moved on to permanent housing!

*We do this without money from the state or federal government – we rely solely on donations and grants.


MATS has online giving. We use the PayPal cart to facilitate secure credit card payments, you don’t have to have a PayPal account. You can make a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation at

You can shop at Amazon and support MATS: Visit You will be prompted to select a non-profit to support. We are listed as Monadnock Area Transitional Sheltering. Shop as normal, starting from, and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to MATS.

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